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Green Cotton Topper in Organic Cotton Case

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Introducing Our Green Cotton Topper: A Natural, Affordable Comfort Solution

Crafted with a 100% cotton case and layers of 100% Green Cotton inside, our Green Cotton Topper offers a blend of comfort and sustainability. Sourced and aggregated in the United States, our local Green Cotton undergoes meticulous pre-rinsing and manual cleaning before reaching your home. We dub this cotton "green" because of its domestic growth and the absence of dyes, perfumes, or post-harvest fire retardants. With Green Cotton, you can rest assured that your bedding is responsibly produced without compromising on quality.

Designed to enhance your sleep experience, a White Lotus Home topper is versatile, fitting snugly under your fitted sheet or atop any mattress, serving as a pillow top replacement. This cozy addition to your bed measures 2 inches thick and comprises layers of cotton encased in 100% cotton fabric. For those seeking extra plushness, we offer an option that's double the thickness at 4 inches, providing ultimate comfort and support.

The Goldilocks of bedding, our Green Cotton Topper strikes the perfect balance — not too soft, not too firm, and evenly stuffed to eliminate any lumps. Here's what makes it special:

🌥 Medium softness/firmness

🌿 Encased in 100% cotton fabric

🌾 Stuffed with US-grown cotton

🌱 100% Vegan, natural, & biodegradable

👶 Safe for sensitive skin

👌 Hand-stuffed to avoid lumps & customizable for personalized firmness

What Is Green Cotton?

Offering a more budget-friendly alternative to our organic cotton products, Green Cotton is cultivated in the United States, albeit without organic certification. While slightly firmer than its organic counterpart, Green Cotton stands out for what it lacks:

NO dyes

NO perfumes

NO flame retardants

Cultivated by farmers in the US, Green Cotton represents a cost-saving option that prioritizes your well-being by eschewing harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional cotton.


NOTE: Because We do not add perfumes, formaldehyde, or dyes to our natural fibers and materials, some of our items will retain their natural scent. 

Topper Sizes & Weights: Green Cotton
All dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary +/- 1 inch or pound.
Toddler 28 x 54 x 2" 15 lbs.
Twin 39 x 75 x 2" 27 lbs.
XL Twin 39 x 80 x 2" 30 lbs.
Double/Full 54 x 75 x 2" 34 lbs.
Queen 60 x 80 x 2" 38 lbs.
King 76 x 80 x 2" 48 lbs.
Cali King 72 x 84 x 2" 48 lbs
Toddler Extra 28 x 54 x 4" 25 lbs.
Twin Extra 39 x 75 x 4" 36 lbs.
XL Twin Extra 39 x 80 x 4" 37 lbs.
Double/Full Extra 54 x 75 x 4" 43 lbs.
Queen Extra 60 x 80 x 4" 47 lbs.
King Extra 76 x 80 x 4" 59 lbs.
Cali King Extra 72 x 84 x 4" 59 lbs


Use & Care:

Care and Maintenance Guidelines for Pillows, Duvets, and Bedding

Due to the raw, minimally processed nature of the fibers used in our products, complete submersion in water can damage the delicate fibers, including those in pillows and duvets.

For spot cleaning your White Lotus Home pillows, duvets, and bedding, we recommend a solution of 3 parts water to one part vinegar. Apply the solution directly to the stain and expose it to sunlight. Allow the area to dry naturally, and repeat the process until the stain fades and any odors dissipate. Alternatively, you can use a mild laundry detergent as a substitute for vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide is effective for surface stains such as blood, while rubbing alcohol can assist in removing oils from cosmetics.

It's essential to prevent bedding from remaining damp, as this can lead to uneven wear or the growth of mold. After cleaning or in the event of a spill, promptly dry any moisture by placing the item in direct sunlight or using a hair dryer. Ensure that the item is thoroughly dry before re-applying sheets or protective covers, such as our Organic Barrier Cloth Covers.

Please note that these cleaning suggestions are provided at your own risk, and results may vary.

Refreshing Wool Bedding

Wool bedding, including duvets and toppers, may require occasional special care. We recommend exposing them to direct sunlight and fresh air once a month, as sunlight acts as a natural sanitizer. If you prefer professional cleaning, opt for a dry-cleaning process only. Avoid submerging wool bedding in water or placing it in the washing machine, as this can lead to irreversible felting of the wool fibers.


Topper Type: Cotton Toppers
Inner fibers: Green Cotton