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Green Cotton & Wool Dreamton Mattress

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Introducing the Green Cotton & Wool Dreamton Mattress

The Dreamton Mattress stands as hallmark design, tailored in various materials, sizes, and firmness levels to cater to your preferences with a touch of luxury. Offering a soft yet supportive feel, Green Cotton and Wool Dreamton leans slightly towards firmness, delivering a medium-firm experience ideal for sleepers seeking balanced comfort.

Crafted with a plush Green Cotton core enveloped in our finest natural wool, this mattress boasts 100% natural composition and is devoid of springs, ensuring minimal motion transfer between sleepers. Available in both standard and custom sizes, it provides an organic and hypoallergenic alternative tailored to your needs.

Does this align with your sleep preferences?

  • You prefer sleeping on your side or back.
  • You often share your bed with a partner or pet.
  • You occasionally wake up with stiffness or back pain, finding relief with a firmer mattress.
  • However, you still appreciate a touch of softness and coziness for added comfort.

If you nodded along four times, then the Green Cotton & Wool Dreamton Mattress is destined to become your new sleep companion!

Exploring Green Cotton

Green Cotton offers a budget-friendly alternative to our organic cotton products, grown within the United States albeit without organic certification. Despite its affordability, this material maintains a slightly firmer texture compared to organic cotton. Notably, it stands out for what it lacks:

  • No dyes
  • No perfumes
  • No flame retardants

Sourced from American farmers, Green Cotton presents a cost-effective solution without compromising your exposure to harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional cotton.

Wool from Happy Sheep

Commitment to quality and ethical standards extends to our shepherds and their practices. Our sheep graze on rotating pastures to preserve the environment, producing wool that's free from chemicals or flame retardants. Wrapped in a layer of this premium wool, Dreamton mattresses offer natural antimicrobial and dust mite resistant properties without the need for chemical treatments, ensuring comfort throughout the seasons.

Sleeping on the Green Cotton and Wool Dreamton Mattress

As a spring-free mattress, the Dreamton minimizes motion transfer between sleepers. It's suitable for use on a box spring set, platform bed, or even as a floor bed. For optimal air circulation, we recommend a slatted bed frame with slats spaced no more than 2" - 2.5" apart. Firm yet supportive, the Dreamton provides a medium-firm feel with healthy, non-toxic materials you can trust for a restful night's sleep.

Standard Mattress Sizes & Weights

Lower weights generally reflect a Latex Core or Evergreen Foam Core mattresses, while higher weights are more typical of a Boulder Style (extra firm) mattress. All dimensions and weights are approximate. A variation of up to 1" in all directions is appropriate. 

Mattress Style    Dimensions    Weight
Twin 6" Mattress   ∙  39 x 75 x 6"   ∙   70 - 80 lbs.
Twin 7" Mattress   ∙  39 x 75 x 7"   ∙   75 - 85 lbs.
Twin 8" Mattress   ∙  39 x 75 x 8"   ∙   75 - 90 lbs.
XL Twin 6" Mattress   ∙  39 x 80 x 6"   ∙   75 - 85 lbs.
XL Twin 7" Mattress   ∙  39 x 80 x 7"   ∙   75 - 85 lbs.
XL Twin 8" Mattress   ∙ 39 x 80 x 8"   ∙   85 - 95 lbs
Double/Full 6" Mattress   ∙ 54 x 75 x 6"   ∙   85 - 95 lbs.
Double/Full 7" Mattress   ∙   54 x 75 x 7"   ∙   90 - 100 lbs.
Double/Full 8" Mattress   ∙   54 x 75 x 8"   ∙   95 - 115 lbs.
Queen 6" Mattress   ∙ 60 x 80 x 6"   ∙   105 - 120 lbs.
Queen 7" Mattress   ∙   60 x 80 x 7"   ∙   110 - 130 lbs.
Queen 8" Mattress   ∙ 60 x 80 x 8"   ∙ 120 - 135 lbs.
King 6" Mattress   ∙ 76 x 80 x 6"   ∙  145 - 165 lbs.
King 7" Mattress   ∙   76 x 80 x 7"   ∙ 155 - 175 lbs.
King 8" Mattress   ∙   76 x 80 x 8"   ∙   160 - 180 lbs.
Cali-King 6" Mattress   ∙ 84 x 72 x 6"   ∙   145 - 165 lbs.
Toddler Mattress   ∙   28 x 54 x 3.5"   ∙  20 - 30 lbs.

Use & Care

Caring for Your Mattress

To maintain the quality and longevity of your mattress, follow these simple care guidelines:

Flipping Your Mattress

For mattresses placed on slatted surfaces, we recommend flipping approximately every three months. If your mattress rests on a solid surface like a box spring, consider flipping it monthly. This rotation helps prevent compaction and promotes air circulation within the materials.

Cleaning Your Mattress

Spot cleaning is the preferred method for maintaining your mattress. Avoid saturating it with liquid to prevent damage. We strongly advise using one of our protective Barrier Cloth mattress covers to safeguard against spills.

For spot cleaning, create a mild solution of three parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. For tougher stains, you can add a mild detergent to the mixture. After spot cleaning, ensure your mattress is thoroughly dried. You can use a hairdryer or let it air out in the sun for effective drying.


Core: No Core
Firmness Style: Firm
Fabric Case: 100% Cotton Twill