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Pure Cotton Hybrid 5" Futon Mattress

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$2,142.00 - $4,661.00
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Introducing our Hybrid Mattress: the perfect fusion of comfort and versatility! At White Lotus Home, we believe in combining the best of both worlds to serve your sleeping needs.

Every White Lotus Home Mattress comes with a 120-Night Mattress Guarantee, but our Hybrid Mattress takes it a step further by offering a reversible design. Now, you can flip it over and use both sides to adjust to your current or future comfort preferences.

It's not uncommon for customers to initially love a mattress at the store, only to realize after a few weeks or months that they desire a different firmness level. Our Hybrid Mattress addresses this issue by providing two distinct feels in one mattress.

One side offers a semi-firm feel with a cozy embrace, while the other side provides a plusher feel without excessive sinking. Here's what you can expect from our Hybrid Mattress:

  • Cotton fabric outer casing
  • Wool natural fire retardant
  • Layers of GOTS organic cotton batting
  • Two cores: a 2-inch eco-friendly foam core and a 2-inch natural latex core
  • Followed by layers of cotton, wool, and fabric

With a total of 8 layers of fibers and cores, this mattress achieves a loft of 16-18 inches thick. Hand-compressed into a case and secured with tufting, it results in a 5-inch thick Hybrid Mattress. Additionally, thickness options of 6, 7, and 8 inches are available, making it lighter and easier to handle compared to our other mattresses.

For optimal performance, we recommend placing the Hybrid Mattress on a box spring set, platform bed, or even using it as a floor bed. A slatted bed frame with slats at least 2.5 inches wide and no more than 2 inches apart ensures proper air circulation and longevity of the mattress.

Wondering about the difference between a White Lotus Home Futon and Mattress? While both are crafted from high-quality materials, mattresses are typically 6 inches thick with side handles for maneuverability, while futons are 5 inches thick without handles and feature rounded sides. This distinction allows us to offer futons at a lower cost while maintaining quality.


Standard Mattress Sizes & Weights

Lower weights generally reflect a Latex Core or Evergreen Foam Core mattresses, while higher weights are more typical of a Boulder Style (extra firm) mattress. All dimensions and weights are approximate. A variation of up to 1" in all directions is appropriate. 

Mattress Style  Dimensions  Weight
Twin 6" Mattress 39 x 75 x 6" 70 - 80 lbs.
Twin 7" Mattress 39 x 75 x 7" 75 - 85 lbs.
Twin 8" Mattress 39 x 75 x 8" 75 - 90 lbs.
XL Twin 6" Mattress 39 x 80 x 6" 75 - 85 lbs.
XL Twin 7" Mattress 39 x 80 x 7" 75 - 85 lbs.
XL Twin 8" Mattress 39 x 80 x 8" 85 - 95 lbs
Double/Full 6" Mattress 54 x 75 x 6" 85 - 95 lbs.
Double/Full 7" Mattress 54 x 75 x 7" 90 - 100 lbs.
Double/Full 8" Mattress 54 x 75 x 8" 95 - 115 lbs.
Queen 6" Mattress 60 x 80 x 6" 105 - 120 lbs.
Queen 7" Mattress 60 x 80 x 7" 110 - 130 lbs.
Queen 8" Mattress 60 x 80 x 8" 120 - 135 lbs.
King 6" Mattress 76 x 80 x 6" 145 - 165 lbs.
King 7" Mattress 76 x 80 x 7" 155 - 175 lbs.
King 8" Mattress 76 x 80 x 8" 160 - 180 lbs.
Cali-King 6" Mattress 84 x 72 x 6" 145 - 165 lbs.
Toddler Mattress 28 x 54 x 3.5" 20 - 30 lbs.

Use & Care:

Rotating and cleaning your mattress regularly is essential for maintaining its comfort and longevity. Here are some tips from White Lotus Home:

Flipping Your Mattress:

To prevent compaction and promote proper airing of materials, we recommend flipping your White Lotus Home mattress approximately every three months if it's placed on a slatted surface. If your mattress is on a solid surface like a box spring, we suggest flipping it every month.

Cleaning Your Mattress:

For cleaning, spot cleaning is the way to go—never saturate your mattress with liquid. To prevent spills from becoming an issue, we strongly recommend using one of our protective Barrier Cloth mattress covers.

For spot cleaning, create a mild solution of three parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. For stubborn spills, adding a mild detergent to the solution is acceptable.

After spot cleaning, ensure your mattress is thoroughly dried to prevent mold or mildew growth. You can either use a hair dryer or place the mattress in the sun to air out completely.