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KaPillow - Kapok Contour Pillow

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KaPillow - Kapok Contour Pillow in GOTS Organic Case

Contour pillows are a straightforward yet effective solution for neck pain, offering support to keep your neck and spine aligned during sleep without the need for prescription pills or physical therapy.

Why KaPillow Stands Out as the Best Contour Pillow

When we set out to create a contour pillow at White Lotus Home, we noticed several shortcomings in existing options:

  1. Lack of adjustability: Existing contour pillows were fixed in shape, offering no customization once purchased.
  2. Synthetic materials: Many contour pillows were made of synthetic materials like memory foam, which may not suit everyone.
  3. Cost: Some contour pillows on the market were expensive, limiting accessibility.

To address these issues, we developed the KaPillow—a natural contour pillow that is affordable, customizable, and made with all-natural materials.

How KaPillow Works

The design of the KaPillow is simple yet effective. It features a soft, organic cotton sateen casing filled with natural Kapok fiber. A half-seam in the center creates a dip for your head, while leaving a supportive lip on either side for your neck. Adjusting the firmness of the KaPillow is easy—simply unzip it and add or remove filling until you find the perfect level of support.

Using the KaPillow

The KaPillow is suitable for anyone seeking to relieve neck stress, particularly side-sleepers and pregnant women. Place the KaPillow on your bed and adjust its position to align with your head. It can also be placed between your legs to alleviate hip stress, a common issue for pregnant women.

Kapok Fiber

Kapok is a natural fiber derived from the Ceiba Tree in Central America. It boasts a silky and fluffy texture, similar to down, but is plant-based like cotton, making it an excellent vegan alternative. Kapok fibers shed seasonally from the tree's seed pods, requiring no machinery for harvesting.

The Organic Cotton Sateen fabric used in this product is GOTS Certified and Imported from Pakistan.


Kapok fibers were used in all-natural life preservers by G.I.s during World War II. Explorers scaling Mt. Everest in the 1920s relied on kapok-insulated high-altitude boots. Kapok fibers are one eighth (0.08) the weight of cotton. Kapok was cultivated as one of the first non-food plants across Southeast Asia. Kapok was a common filling for pillows before goose down became popular; Kapok has a retro green appeal. Kapok vs. Goose Down: A Compelling Argument

While goose down may seem natural, its production involves keeping millions of birds in captivity, often for meat or foie gras. Kapok, on the other hand, is a vegetable down, historically used in maritime applications due to its buoyancy. Its water-repellent properties allow it to support weight significantly greater than ordinary cork.


KaPillow Sizes and Weights





Standard Soft KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

Standard Medium KaPillow w/Zip    



Organic Cotton Sateen

Standard Firm KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

Queen Soft KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

Queen Medium KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

Queen Firm KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

King Soft KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

King Medium KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen

King Firm KaPillow w/ Zip



Organic Cotton Sateen


To maintain the quality of our pillows, we advise spot-cleaning rather than saturating them with liquid. We highly recommend using one of our protective Waterproof pillow covers to prevent spills from becoming problematic.

For spot cleaning, we suggest creating a mild solution of three parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. If dealing with stubborn stains, you can add a mild detergent to the solution. After spot cleaning, it's crucial to thoroughly dry the pillow. You can use a hair dryer or place it in the sun to air out completely. This ensures the pillow remains fresh and hygienic for continued use.