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GOTS Organic Wool Sleep Pillows

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Organic Wool Pillows: Your Perfect Sleep Companion

Our organic wool pillows cater to diverse needs, offering customizable firmness, natural flame and pest-resistant properties, and exceptional breathability and insulation. Encased in soft, luxurious organic Sateen Cotton, these pillows can be fluffed, refilled, and reused for years.

Available in sizes ranging from travel to body pillows, White Lotus Home ensures there's a wool pillow for everyone.

Certified by GOTS, our organic wool pillows are naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, requiring no flame retardant chemical treatments to ensure safety. Wool's unique properties make it suitable for year-round use, providing comfort in both summer and winter.

Ideal for hot or sweaty sleepers seeking a soft, fluffy pillow, topper, or duvet, our GOTS Organic Wool offers:

🌥 Medium softness/firmness

🌱 Natural antimicrobial & dust mite resistance

🌤 Comfortable year-round insulation

🌿 Encased in soft, smooth organic Sateen Cotton

🐑 Stuffed with wool from ethically raised sheep

👌 Hand-stuffed to prevent lumps & customizable for perfect firmness

💧 Naturally flame retardant - no chemicals added

Zippers for Personalized Firmness

Unsure about your preferred firmness level? Opt for a pillow with a zippered case, allowing you to adjust the filling to your liking. Any excess material can be stored in a moisture and pest-proof container or ordered from our Wholesale Fibers section.

Rest assured, the Organic Cotton Sateen fabric used in our products is GOTS Certified and Imported.

Wool from Happy Sheep!

Our wool is sourced from Happy Sheep in New Zealand, ensuring traceable, farm-to-market quality. Raised on free-range, pasture-fed farms, our sheep produce wool that is processed in the USA using gentle, NPEO-free detergents without bleach. Rigorous quality control measures guarantee the integrity of our wool products.


Pillow Sizes & Weights: Organic Wool

As all Home products are unique, listed weights are approximate.

Pillow Fill Size Weight Exterior Case
Standard Wool Sleep Pillow    ∙    Soft  ∙   20 x 26"    ∙   1.9 lbs.    ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
Standard Wool Sleep Pillow  ∙   Medium    ∙   20 x 26"  ∙   2.3 lbs.  ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
Standard Wool Sleep Pillow   ∙  Firm  ∙  20 x 26"  ∙   2.8 lbs.  ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
Queen Wool Sleep Pillow  ∙   Soft  ∙  20 x 30"   ∙  2.5 lbs.   ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
Queen Wool Sleep Pillow   ∙   Medium  ∙   20 x 30"  ∙   3 lbs.   ∙  Organic Cotton Sateen
Queen Wool Sleep Pillow   ∙   Firm  ∙   20 x 30"  ∙  3.8 lbs.  ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
King Wool Sleep Pillow   ∙   Soft   ∙   20 x 36"  ∙   3.4 lbs.   ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
King Wool Sleep Pillow   ∙   Medium   ∙   20 x 36"  ∙   4 lbs.   ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
King Wool Sleep Pillow  ∙   Firm  ∙   20 x 36"  ∙  5 lbs.   ∙  Organic Cotton Sateen
Wool Body Pillow  ∙   Medium  ∙   20 x 72"  ∙   9 lbs.  ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen
Wool Travel Pillow   ∙  Medium   ∙   12 x 16"   ∙   1 lb.  ∙   Organic Cotton Sateen


Here are some guidelines for cleaning your pillows:

  1. Spot Cleaning: We always advise spot-cleaning our pillows rather than saturating them with liquid. It's essential to target specific areas of stains or dirt without over-wetting the pillow.

  2. Use Waterproof Covers: We highly recommend using our waterproof pillow covers to provide an additional layer of protection against spills and accidents. This helps prevent liquids from seeping into the pillow and causing damage.

  3. Spot Cleaning Solution: For spot cleaning, we suggest preparing a mild solution using three parts water to one part vinegar. This gentle solution is effective for most stains and dirt. However, for tougher stains, you can add a mild detergent to the solution.

  4. Thorough Drying: After spot cleaning, it's crucial to ensure that the pillow is thoroughly dried to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew. You can use a hair dryer on a low setting or place the pillow in direct sunlight to air it out completely.

By following these cleaning tips, you can maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your pillows for extended use.