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Green Cotton Boulder Stow

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Natural Cotton Boulder Stowaway Bed

Provide Your Guests with Superior Comfort!

Experience the ease of a remarkably comfortable stowaway sleep solution, free from the complexities of air mattresses or exposure to artificial chemicals. The Green Cotton Boulder Stowaway bed is the ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable, firm, temporary sleeping arrangement that can be effortlessly stored when not in use. Whether nestled beneath a bed frame or neatly rolled up in a closet, this versatile bed ensures comfort on demand.

Perfect for:

  • Accommodating overnight guests
  • Creating additional sleeping space in children's rooms or play areas
  • Enjoying restful sleep while traveling or camping
  • Quickly and easily transforming floor space into a comfortable spot for relaxation

Bid farewell to uncomfortable air mattresses and artificial memory foam! Not only is this mattress easy to set up and put away, but it also offers an all-natural, chemical-free alternative to conventional options. By choosing the Green Cotton Boulder Stow, you're providing your guests with the gift of healthy, natural sleep, while making an eco-friendly purchase that benefits the planet. Inspired by Japanese-style mattresses known as Shikibuton or Shikifuton, this stowaway bed embodies simplicity, cleanliness, and purity.

Features of the Green Cotton Boulder Stow:

  • Can be bi-folded, tri-folded, or rolled up (not recommended for use with bi-fold or tri-fold frames)
  • Suitable for placement on the floor or other flat surfaces, offering short-term or long-term sleep solutions
  • Easily rolled up and placed in a cover for convenient storage (cover available separately)
  • Available in any standard mattress size or custom size, with or without a cover
  • Can enhance comfort levels when placed atop an existing mattress

Quality You Can Depend On

Crafted with 100% US-grown “green” cotton, this stowaway bed is handmade with sustainable, high-quality, eco-friendly materials.

Flame Retardant-Free

Our Green Cotton Boulder Stow is 100% natural and does not contain any flame retardants or artificial chemicals.

Standard and Custom Sizes

The standard Green Cotton Boulder Stow measures 30x75x3”. When rolled up, it is 30" high and approximately 20" in diameter. Available in all standard mattress sizes as well as custom sizes, you can tailor the stowaway to your specific needs. Additionally, you can choose to order it with or without a cover, featuring straps sewn onto it for easy storage.


Standard Stow Sizes & Weights

Lower weights generally reflect a Latex Core or Evergreen Foam Core stowaways, while higher weights are more typical of a Boulder Style (extra firm) stowaways. All dimensions and weights are approximate. A variation of up to 1" in all directions is appropriate. 

Stow Style   Dimensions     Weight
Stow    ∙    30 x 75 x 3"    ∙    20 - 30 lbs.
Twin Stow    ∙    39 x 75 x 3"    ∙    30 - 40 lbs.
Double/Full Stow    ∙    54 x 75 x 3"    ∙    35 - 50 lbs.
Queen Stow    ∙    60 x 80 x 3"    ∙    40  - 55 lbs.
King Stow    ∙    76 x 80 x 3"    ∙    45 - 60 lbs


Fabric Case: 100% Cotton Twill
Fire Retardant: None - No fire retardants are required on 3" Stowaways