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Welcome to the Billow Heart Pillow page, where you can now explore and purchase the complete range of products typically available at Marnie, the creative mind behind the Billow pillows designed to offer women comfort and relief post-surgery, has partnered with White Lotus Home to continue providing these exceptional products.

Billow Heart Pillow - Wool - Enhanced Comfort for Healing

The Billow Heart Pillow delicately tucks under the arm to offer relief during the healing process and provides comfortable support while sitting or lying down. It also serves as an excellent solution to alleviate discomfort from the seatbelt while driving or anytime sensitive breasts require additional cushioning.

Crafted to cushion and support the arms and breasts following breast surgery. Perfect for mastectomy and lymph node removal. Crafted from the same luxurious materials as the Billow Pillow – choose eco-pure soft wool or kapok for a slightly firmer texture. Adapts to any body shape and size.


Crafted to provide cushioning and support for the arms and breasts after breast surgery, making it particularly suitable for mastectomy and lymph node removal patients.

Crafted from the same opulent materials as the Billow Pillow, offering the option of eco-pure soft wool or kapok for a slightly firmer sensation.

Universally designed to accommodate any body shape and size.