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Introducing the EconoWave™ Pillow, a beloved choice offering both affordability and quality. Its wave-shaped surface ensures even support and promotes airflow, enhancing your comfort throughout the night. Specifically crafted to address headaches and neck discomfort, this pillow aids in restoring the natural curvature of the neck when sleeping on your back.

Engineered with premium foam, the EconoWave Pillow delivers gentle yet effective support. Featuring two different sized lobes, it offers versatility in support options. Opt for the larger neck lobe for maximum support, or switch to the smaller one during an adjustment phase or if you prefer a slightly lighter support.

Transitioning to this cervical pillow may require some time for adjustment, as immediate overuse could exacerbate neck pain. Gradually integrating it into your routine by alternating between this pillow and your current one typically yields the most favorable outcomes.

For added convenience, the pillow comes with a washable cotton/polyester cover and easily fits into your standard pillowcase, making maintenance a breeze. Experience the EconoWave Pillow, your affordable solution to enhanced sleep quality and neck support.



  • Cover - Cotton/Polyester
  • Polyurethane Foam

PRODUCT NOTICE: It is the nature of polyurethane foam to discolor when exposed to light and oxygen. The polyurethane foam used in this product may have a slight odor when first removed from packaging. The odor does not affect the performance of this product. Air out the pillow prior to use.

Product Size:

  • 22" x 15"

Product Weight:

  • 1.25 LBS

Color: White

Latex: This product is not made with natural rubber latex

Product Origin: Assembled in USA of Globally Sourced Materials

Use & Care:

  • Material Type: Cut Foam
  • Sleep Position: Back Sleeping
  • Firmness: Minimum Firmness
  • Helps relieve headaches and neck pain
  • Helps restore proper neck posture while sleeping
  • Fits standard pillowcase