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GOTS Organic Cotton Contour Pillow

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GOTS Organic Cotton Contour Pillow in GOTS Organic Case

Contour pillows offer a straightforward yet effective solution for neck pain, aligning your neck and spine while you sleep without the need for prescriptions or physical therapy. However, when we began exploring the creation of a contour pillow at White Lotus Home, we identified several shortcomings with existing options:

  • Lack of adjustability, locking users into a fixed shape
  • Reliance on synthetic materials like memory foam
  • High cost

To address these issues, we developed the KaPillow, an all-natural, affordable, and fully adjustable contour pillow. Following positive feedback from our customers, we extended this innovation to incorporate other natural and organic fibers.

How the Contour Pillow Works

Our Contour Pillow features a simple design: an organic cotton sateen casing filled with organic Cotton fiber. The pillow includes a half-seam in the center, creating a recess for your head while providing support for your neck. Adjusting the firmness of the Contour Pillow is effortless—simply unzip it and add or remove filling to your preference. Customizing the firmness ensures optimal functionality and comfort tailored to your needs.

How to Sleep on the Organic Cotton Contour Pillow

Ideal for alleviating neck stress, the Contour Pillow suits side-sleepers and pregnant women particularly well. Position the pillow according to the natural alignment of your head, or place it between your legs to alleviate hip stress, a common issue for pregnant individuals.

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

GOTS-certified organic cotton meets rigorous standards for health and sustainability. Our natural pillows consist of layers of 100% pesticide-free organic cotton, sustainably grown on our farms.

Key Benefits of GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton:

  • 91% less water consumption compared to conventional cotton cultivation
  • Protection for farmers from pesticide exposure

The Organic Cotton Sateen fabric used in this product is GOTS Certified and imported from Pakistan.